Tiny living spaces are a big thing

You’ve no doubt seen them. Adorable tiny houses. There seems to be a bunch of shows on tv nowadays, from Tiny House Hunters to Tiny House Builders and so on. Some hotels have even been popping up, most notably this one in Portland Oregon.



Luckily for us there are plenty of tiny homes for sale nowadays, proof that this is more than a fad.

Minimal impact

Tiny houses have their advantages. Obviously they are small and easy to clean. But they also leave a smaller footprint on the earth, which is important in today’s world of ever growing consumption, discardment, and reliance on fossil fuels.

The small footprint left by tiny homes really makes a difference in the world. With so many cookie cutter homes out there, pushing 2000+ square feet, the amount of carbon used to build these is just incredible.

Small space, Big Style

Despite having a small footprint, these tiny houses have HUGE style points in my book. Just check out some of the designs and you’ll see some of the most creative uses of space imaginable.

This is a perfect example – the “Chattanooga”.


I mean, seriously just look at that! It’s beautiful. Can you see yourself going tiny?


Important updates at the Landing

Hello guests! I just wanted to share a few quick updates with you. As the winter season draws upon us, the temperature is dropping and it’s time to find reprieve in the form of a long dip in the hot tub. As you might know if you visited last year, our spa cover was in sore need of replacing. Well, we’re happy to announce we bought a new hot tub cover!! Now you can enjoy a dip in the hot water without having to trouble yourself lifting the super heavy cover we had. Plus, the temps will stay higher now that we have a better insulated cover. Yay!

Need to escape from the recent election? Our private setting makes for the perfect place to find peace and quiet, forget about all the madness of the past year, and relax in a beautiful, natural setting that’s sure to bring solace to your heart.

Want to know what else might be going on during your visit? There’s not exactly a hip, happening scene here in PS, but you can find plenty of fun events listed here.

From our family to yours, here’s to a happy and healthy end to 2016 and a prosperous start to the new year.