Fall and winter packing essentials for your trip to the Pacific NW

So you’re traveling to the PNW in the fall/winter. You’ve heard about the rain, so you probably have your rain boots and rain coat stowed away already. But what else should you bring?


For relaxation

You may or may not have heard that marijuana was legalized here. Well, nothing says relaxation better than pairing up a portable vaporizer. There are dozens to choose from nowadays, and you can check The Cloud Critic for some recommendations on the best portable vapes¬†before you decide to part with your hard earned money. We don’t have a ton of wine shops on the islands, so you might also want to bring some good craft brews and perhaps a bottle or three of wine. Nothing completes the relaxation trifecta better than a dip in the hop tub and then a glass of rich new world Chardonnay¬†on a cool night.

Clothing style

Overall clothing style? We aren’t big into trendy Italian fashion here. Leave your Dolce & Gabbana at home and think more laid back, casual lumberjack style. Flannels are still cool (the 90s are back, remember?) and jeans, boots,


You got your rain boots and coat, but did you remember an umbrella? You’d be surprised how many people forget one. Don’t be that person. Do you have a good book to read? That’s a must in our opinion, especially for those evenings on the porch, where you just want to kick your feet up and cozy down into a nice story. A portable charger might help too. You never know where you’ll be that might not have much access to electricity.

If you want a more complete guide to fashion in the PNW, check out this post. Do you have an tips or recommendations for what to bring on your trip? Leave a note in the comments below or shoot us an email with your ideas.